Wednesday, July 21, 2010


OK! Time to come clean. Not that I'm feeling particularly burdened by my secrets, I've actually just run out of things to blog about this week...ok so for the last week.

I've been putting in a lot of hours lately but on nothing that's really super fun. I thought that with the boys in daycamp all month that I'd finally get to just relax. Nope, didn't happen. Not even for one day and it's been three weeks already.

Then there is the return to Diet Coke. Ahhh that sweet elixir. We went on a trip to London this last weekend and I had a few on the trip down and indulged whenever we stopped to eat. Horrible, just horrible. I was so dehydrated when I got home that it felt like I was going through withdrawl. I'm almost convinced that's what it was. So now whenever I wander into the kitchen it's like I'm actually hoping there will be a cold can of the Devil in my bar fridge. How terrible! So I'm hitting the Perrier a bit harder than usual.

My running is coming along but I have to admit that some of my love for the sport may have vanished or it's buried under my fear of re-injury. I finally covered a 5K distance last night and was pleased that I didn't even feel a twinge but in all honesty. I would have killed for a few extra walk breaks and will admit to dragging out one of the walk breaks by stopping the clock until I felt better. I'm hoping that was just a bad run. I do admit that summer running is my least favourite. I just don't like the heat.

Beyond that there really isn't much to report. My plans for the rest of the week are to get some work for the girls done and put aside then to finish the quilt. Go visit a girlfriend who has just has a new baby, cuddle said baby. Then to pick a room and start clearing out the clutter and get it shipped off. Oh and a bunch of laundry!

Perhaps by putting it in writing it will make it happen.

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  1. Good that's what I wanted to hear! I puffy heart you!