Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh Boy.....!

I had a few spare moments yesterday. Boy did those go poof, as soon as, I wandered into my garden and discovered that my cucumber plants, which were taking over the planet, had in fact over produced.

By the end of my whirlwind of work I had harvested a recycle bin full of cucumbers. Some suspected to be too big and therefore a bit bitter leaving me to have to taste them before I determine if I'll use them. I had also uprooted three of the plants leaving a gaping hole in my garden box. Rest assured in about five minutes that hole will be filled in with the pumpkin vines. No need to panic! *snort*

On top of my cucumber misery I also have more green bell peppers than I can shake a stick at and I'm left wonder if I should look for other means by which to preserve them. If I marinate them and seal them in vacuum bags and freeze the packages I might able to store them for the whole of the winter. Actually, I'm sure that would work famously. It just means a lot more work.

There are also a bunch of tomatoes threatening me from the vine! I guess this will be another week of busy hand work on top of a full work load from the ladies. Some where in there I should attempt to work in some "housework" time. I wonder if it's too late to offer up the teeth drilling without anesthetic option!

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