Thursday, July 15, 2010

Project Week

This week has been dedicated to sewing projects (and one bathroom cabinet organized). It's odd that every July, I start to get this nesting thing going for me. It always hits at the same time and it usually has me cruising the fabric stores and yarn shops.

I've had this stash of quilting material burning a whole in my project bag for a little while now but have never had the time to sit and design, cut and sew the patchwork tops. Well today I more than made up for that, despite having E. home from daycamp because he had two back-to-back bad decision days.

We headed out early to drop L. off at camp and then hit Micheal's for last minute notions. Then had breakfast at Wimpy's Diner. Ok, only because there wasn't another coffee shop anywhere in the vicinity and since I had already parked my car in front of the fabric store I didn't want to drive anywhere. Once 10 o'clock rolled by we were in and out of the fabric store with the last bit of material I needed for this project.

Once home the tunes went on. E did his thing and I worked on cutting and arranging the blocks. Next came out the machine and before I knew it, it was time to go and get L. Luckily, leftovers in the fridge meant that I could skip making dinner while I focused on finishing up the quilt top.

Now it just requires me to purchase the binding, batting, and backing material then I can assemble it and start the quilting process. I ought to be done the entire quilt by next Friday. I want to keep going on it while it's still hot on the machine. Otherwise I might get side tracked and wind up finishing it next summer.

Oh I also picked up new yard for hubby's scarf. Last winter I started to make him one but hated the yarn that he choose so much that I couldn't go on with it. It was a cheap black polyester. Totally not worth tying in to knots let alone wearing as a scarf. I'll get on that project first thing in September but I'm hoping to finish up another quilt in between.

Here are snaps of the capes I made the boys. This week's theme was superheros.

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