Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wow so this is 40. Meh.

Woke up to a nice little thunderstorm that chased L in to my bed. He was so adorable. So happy and pleased with himself for running into my room and waking me up. Then bouncing around and being all cute then wishing my a happy birthday without any prompting. Even though it was only 6 am and I had been up past midnight reading.

Coffee was awesome. Hanging out with my guys for a few hours before getting ready to go for a run and actually having the rain dry up long enough to enjoy myself.

No pain on the 3.5K run. A good stretch and then off to Sheridan to get more herb plants to fill in the hole that I had in my pyramid garden. $45 bucks later, two tall tomato bushes, 4 herb pots and one very pretty shaggy pot of blue flowers later I'm headed home.

Then off to the mall to enjoy spending some money on new toys for the kids (rainy day fund). That was a great way to occupy the kids during a thunderstorm. Boy was that noisy. We were in Mastermind Toys and the rumbling was intense.

I'm mainlining coffee now just to stay awake now. I believe I could easily nod off on this couch and would be completely content to do so. Gee maybe I am over the hill *snort*

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