Monday, June 21, 2010

Domestic Monday

After the last couple of completely unorganized weeks I declared today to be Domestic Monday. I despise housework. There isn't anything about it that I find enjoyable well until today. A few weeks ago I finally allowed husband to put up a laundry line (retractable) in the back yard. Yes, I am very concerned about conservation and using an outdoor line will greatly cut down on our electricity use/bill. It's really the right thing to do.
Today I got up early and put through three large loads of wash and put out the laundry line. Got the first load up and it was dry in 30 minues. Then put up the next half load and it was dry in 30 minutes. I was going along as such a good clip that I barely noticed what time it was because I was plugging along with the housework. Then I went out to string up my whites and as I reached up I had the sun in my eyes. It was actually pleasant. I was actually enjoying laundry day for the first time in well, forever. I stood there for a minute feeling the breeze blow at my skirt and looking up at where a plane was tracing it's tracks across the sky. So quiet. So peaceful.
I only just got everything on my very long list done about an hour ago. I've been sitting here vegging with my feet in a bowl of hot peppermint water. Wow do they ache today and my fingertips are dry and cracked but the house looks great! I don't feel nearly as anxious or guilty as I was feeling at the beginning of the day. Zen=Clean House. Who knew?

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