Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Sunday After....

After the mall trip yesterday I was so tired. I just couldn't get beyond how exhausted I was and there was no chance for a nap because it was just me and the kidlets for part of the afternoon.

We had these fabulous funky plans to get our babysitter to come stay with the boys and take off to the big smoke and do a duck tour (boat/bus like thing that covers almost the entire city then hits the water via a downtown dock and goes along the Lakeshore) but the weather kiboshed the tour idea.

Then there were other outside forces that made going into the city and having dinner in Little Italy a bit of a bad idea. Husband wanted to do the night up right so he made reservations all over hell's half acre and was going to let me decide based on my mood.

With the rain, the need to stay close to home I decided that we'd just catch dinner here in Whitby then we'd go and do something we haven't done together in a very very long time. That's right. Hubby took me to see a movie. Now I usually go with Jan to see flicks but there once was a time before kids when my husband and I would go and see a movie every other week. Usually we'd wind up running out of new movies to see. But once the kids came along that all dried up.

The restaurant that I chose was dismal but at least we didn't have to pay for part it. I got my entree struck from the bill (politely but firmly since it was barely edible and I didn't even try to eat it). Husband enjoyed his entree but then he stuck to something he knew would be good. I made the error of trying a different entree (the description was good...taste not so much, or rather not at all). They did however, make a brilliant Cosmo. Definitely a two thumbs up drink.

The movie was delightful. A fluffy chickflick meets twenty-something James Bond. I snacked on some salty popcorn but didn't have much an appetite for it. The bag of M&M's however didn't last long *giggle* Oh don't even roll your eyes Misty....a girl only turns 40 once! I enjoyed cuddling up to my husband and just enjoyed being with him. Despite the really big upset, this is still the best birthday I've ever had. My huband and boys went above and beyond to make it special and it was just because they were there to spend it with me. I'm a very lucky woman.

To make up for the candy buzz from last night I decided today was a good day to do some shopping. The house is now filled with wholesome foods. I was extra busy this afternoon making home made tomato sauce. I had some lovely organic tomatoes that we starting to wrinkle so into the pot!

About two hours later I had a huge pot of sauce and needed to make some use of it. So I determined a lasagna was what would be a nice treat. I so seldom make this dish because it is often labour intensive but since I was already in deep with the sauce I figured why not?Inside: Whole Wheat noodles, tomatoes, carrots, onions, dinosaur kale, lots of garlic, tomato paste, green peppers, zucchini, minced beef and spinach, basil, oregano, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, all baked up in a tidy square pan (I decided to only use an 8x8 because too much of a good thing just goes straight to my butt). This will be enough for dinner tonight and leftovers for hubby's lunches for the next two days.

I should write a blog on how much I love my herb garden. It's growing bigger with each passing day. It was so nice to walk out there and pick what I wanted to cook with today. I'm getting so spoiled.

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