Wednesday, June 23, 2010


You may think it's odd that being a pretty "open" person and a blogger that I'd be pretty protective of my privacy. Well, I am. I only blog about what I want to share. Not everything is on display as it should be. Why would you even care about all the minutia in my life? It's bad enough that I dedicate my ramblings to outdoor laundry lines and homemade veggie stock. Oh boy I'm boring *giggle* When it comes down to the real nuts and bolts of my life, some things are sacrosanct.

So with all that declared I'll let you in on a major peeve of mine. I was always raised with the notion that a backyard was for living and the front yard was for show. That it was no one's business what you did in your own back yard, in fact, it made for a great place to retreat. I feel very strongly about this and have always done my living out of other people's sight lines.

For the last few years I've been grumbling about the fact that I cannot enjoy my front yard at any time of the day (well I could if I were up at 6 am, which I am most certainly not). The reason why is that a pair of neighbours live their entire lives in their front yard. It's almost as if they don't own furniture other than beds. From 8 am until 10 pm at night they are outside. They never ever go away! So that means that anyone coming or going from their homes become their entertainment.

Often times I've been heading in or out from various activities to have one of these neighbours make a comment. Now for some people this "neighbourly" chit chat wouldn't be an intrusion but when rubs up against my canons it creates a friction that isn't welcomed. Lately, I've been avoiding my front porch and garden beds in the same manner as someone who wants to avoid a dentist taking a drill to their teeth. Even if the comments were never offered the idea that they are always there is irritating.

How do you feel about the "fish bowl" effect? Do you do your living in plain view? Am I wound too tight? Maybe I'm just a tight ass? Well I'm sure that I am....that's part of my charm *wink*

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