Friday, June 18, 2010

The Garden

All that rain and a few days of sun have caused my garden to explode. Ok some things in my garden to explode. My cucumber plants are taking over the planet and the broccoli is blocking out the sun. But it's all good. I've gotten a handful of strawberries so far and one very lovely radish. I only pulled the radish to see how far along it was and when I might be harvesting the rest.

My pumpkin plants are nice and happy and I'll be building a trellis system for them very soon. The beans are almost ready to be trained on a string. I've got one very lovely pepper that out to be ready for picking by Sunday evening. It's growth has really doubled in the last day.The clematis is winding its way skyward and my herbs are filling out. I've even got the starts of a few green tomatoes. The experiment with hanging the tomato plants from the bottoms of the planters to avoid staking is really starting to heat up! I'm excited.

Ok, enough about my garden and on to my plans for the day. I've been trying desperately to catch up on not only my housework which just seems to be an impossible mission but also my other work. I feel like I'm starting to let people down. Worst is because everything got tipped on it's ear last weekend. So many new changes and one not good bit of news and BAM all hell breaks loose.

So I've promised myself to get two hours of solid work done this morning for the ladies and then I'll break for lunch then take the kidlets out for some fun. I think today is a good day for bowling!

I need to pause to eat some breakfast. Think it will be a banana oatmeal smoothie since I can generally chug them quickly then it's done. Then down to the computer with all the fun stuff shut off so that I don't get distracted like I've become with this silly blog. Will come back and post food later then maybe take a fast pass at the house to see if I can make it look slightly more presentable.

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