Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Starting Over, well sort of...

So the summer running season is officially under way. I was there. I didn't miss the start which was a good thing. I'm right back at scratch for the better part. Sure my cardio is just fine but everything else is at the start line. It's ok. I can work with that.

It was sobering to think of 3.5K as an accomplishment but it really was. Before that 1K was a challenge. I remember three months ago when I couldn't get to the end of the neighbour's driveway.

I did feel a twinge but running to the mid-front of my foot instead of heel striking made a considerable difference. Very short intervals helped too. It was just enough rest break to help ease back into running.

I hope by sticking to the LTR schedule even in my own runs that I'll see that distance and interval timing stretch out before the niggle returns.

I've been injured and out of the game so long that I had almost forgotten I was ever a runner.

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  1. you're totally a runner...a very determined one at that.