Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 days to the big 40

Gee don't know if I should be panicking or just meh? Actually, it sort a feels like a meh kinda milestone. I actually don't much care either way.

Now I've heard that 40 isn't what it used to be but 50 is where all the action is. So 40 feels more like 30 now. No one wants to turn 30 or 40 but we all do. Once we are that respective age we find it's really no big deal. that was an age! 21 was hilarious and 24 got me one hell of a hang over and vague memories of throwing water (condom) balloons off a 16 floor balcony. I actually think there may have been some hot dog throwing that night too. 31 got me a surprise birthday party where, as I was told years later, my husband almost proposed. What does 40 get? Gift wrapped bottles of Geritol and Laxatives? Um no thanks. LOL


  1. i am hand carving you a walking stick...

  2. *snort* That's the best. My Wacking Shillelagh. If I get really grumpy in my old age I can wack the lemonheads on the size 2 shins.