Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stupid Cooties

So another week kaput. I was waylaid by the cooties again after my long run on Sunday. I could tell I was sick about an hour after I came home. So for the better part of the week I've spent the hours trying to breathe through my nose.

I was out in my new running gear tonight. LOVE IT...makes me sing. Could have gone further, definitely a mark of a good run. I would have but I had marked down my route and didn't want to deviate in case husband came looking for me. Just as well, was dark out and I should play it safe. I need a running buddy :(

So now I'm catching up on some of my favourite shows. Vampire Diaries. I'm on the second episode and its distracting me from completing this so I'm going to sign off.

Oh I'm down 5lbs. Nice....

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