Sunday, December 27, 2009

Its all over, thankfully!

I woke up with the niggling desire to pack up the Christmas tree and all the holiday debris. Of course this also means cleaning out the fridge and purging anything that looks like holiday food (ok so not the booze). I'm daydreaming about spa food and green tea.

With that I'm going to purge the fridge tonight and set up a week of menus. Last night I didn't even bother with dinner because I wanted food that was decidedly not Christmas food. Thankfully, I was feeling too lazy to get in the kitchen and make it. I could only imagine what I would have made. Most likely lasagna.

I miss the sun. I just noticed that again today its grey out. And foggy which means its balmy out. I haven't seen the sun in days and it drags me down. I do like the warm temperatures but seeing the sun move its way across my kitchen over my cup of coffee is a simple pleasure.

Well off to guess at what the heck to wear for my late morning run. That's the part of cool season running that I don't enjoy. I'm sure its just a symptom of being a newbie.

Oh and just for note. My laptop died a horrible death. It was kicked from my lap and landed on its power cord pin and it caused internal injuries. It hemorrhaged and died shortly after. I'm hoping that someone can raise Lazarus. My whole life was saved on that machine and in its absence I feel slightly naked and at loose ends. Me without my calendar. Eeekk!

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