Monday, December 28, 2009


This will be an interesting week. I'm at the end of my cycle which means I'm likely to be a little PMSy and that's never fun. Especially, when it eclipses a week that husband has off. Poor soul, will be so eager to get back to work that he'll run for the door with or without shoes.

I figured today would be errand day so I got up with the expectation that I'd have a cup of coffee and something to eat then trot upstairs and get ready to head out. First part done I then discovered that I'm completely out of clean clothes! Like really, how does that happen?

So instead of doing errands as a family I'm sitting here waiting to put my clothes in the wash. Gahhh...we could really use to be out of the house right now. I think today is likely a very good day for a project. I was thinking of making a lavender filled eye mask. My room is pretty bright when I go to nap and I've been grousing about not having one and not wanting to shut the drapes. So today I think that's what I'm going to make. It requires a trip to the bulk barn for the lavender. Then the fabric store. Likely, this will chew up naptime. Oh well....busy hands equals happy family.

I also need to come up with an idea for dinner. There really isn't anything in the house that I want and we need new fruit. So that's another errand to do today.

Turkey Enchiladas are really good for breakfast by the way *wink* Thankfully, its a much lower fat version. Not so much low cal. Thinking that a neat asian noodle bowl or fish for dinner. Hmmmm decisions.

Oh and I'm also brainstorming my 2010 goals and the design of a new tiny tattoo (of course running related LOL)

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