Friday, December 18, 2009

I Will Win!

I purchased a spritz cookie gun the other day when I went to Michael's for the sole purpose of picking up beading supplies. Of course, I had to travel down the cake aisle. Of course, I couldn't stop myself from snatching the best one off the shelf and stuffing it in the cart.

I justified that purchase by saying that it would be an easier cookie than my usual heavily, artistically decorated sugar cookies. So with a skip in my step I pranced into my so well organized kitchen *roll eyes* and started whipping up batches of the soft buttery dough as the Kitchen Gods smiled with pleasure. Pulled out the cookies sheets, wire cooling rack and offset spatula with determination. Got the gun out and loaded it like I was going for the kill. The first couple of squeezes of the trigger produced some very odd looking shapes but I wasn't going to be distracted. Then I got the feel of the tool and got a couple of sheets pressed out and into the oven.

Lovely little cookies. The smell was beautiful (or what I could actually smell through a very plugged nose). Then to refill the gun and press out more because I was in the groove. Ha! That's where I was stone walled. No dice. Couldn't get the dough to stick to the sheets no matter what trick I tried. The Kitchen Gods chuckled.

So frustrating. These little cookies are anything but low maintenance. I've never been foiled by a baking obstacle before. I will conquer the stupid little cookies. I will....nothing will stop me. Even if I have to press that damn dough through the disk with my freak'n thumb!

*hair flip, pout*

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