Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Husband *sigh*

I don't write too often about how much I love my husband and I need to make amends for that. Clearly, I'm an idiot. Now I hear other women boast about how great their husbands are because they don't have to be told a third time to take out the garbage. My husband however, takes the cake hands down.

Tonight while I write this blog. I'm drinking me tea from the couch with the laptop humming. My husband has cleaned the kitchen (while I bathed the kidlets). Then he pulled out the vacuum cleaner and passed it, diligently. He also plans to wash the carpets after the kids are put to bed. I mean really....! Washing the carpets! He's the best.

He does so many things for me. Then he shakes his head and says that I must be crazy cause I married him. Because I chose him. Now clearly he's nuts cause I'm the lucky one.

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