Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm a Lucky Girl

I was watching a movie last night when really I should have been sound asleep.  You'd think I'd be more eager to rest given how crazy my life has become but yet, I still fight that urge.  Odd.  Anyway, I was watching this movie where this woman's life is completely upended by her husband.  She winds up being divorced.  Then she goes on an adventure only to realize that it isn't just a trip to help her get over her hurts but it's a sign that her life belongs somewhere else.  That her life has a different purpose.

I do believe in signs.  I'm odd that way.  Well anyway, in this movie she buys this old house and has to renovate it.  Then as she's in the process of gutting and rebuilding this house she reaches new lows and wonders just exactly how dumb could she be to believe that fate had something better in store.  She muses that when she had purchased this house, she dreamed of having a wedding in it.  Filling it with family and friends.  That's when a friend points out to her that she has all these things.  She has what she wished for.  It just took someone to frame it in a different light for her to see it.

When I shut off the TV and shuffled off to bed, I was thinking all that over.  How its really funny that some prayers don't get answered and that some get answered so quietly that they are hard to see, especially, if one is having trouble seeing through some bit of trouble or confusion.

6:30 am I'm snapped back into consciousness by the cute little sound of L. singing a song and laughing at a knock-knock joke he told himself.  Of course I thought he was adorable but I got up and whispered to him that he should be a little quieter and shut his door and went back to bed.  Surrendering back into that warm dullness.

7:45 am I'm awaken by K, placing a cup off coffee on my bedside table and rubbing my back to get me to open my eyes.  The countdown to our usual Sunday schedule was on.  I had probably ten minutes to wake up and come down and join them in getting ready to get out the door.  Not a shabby way to wake up, really.  Isn't my husband fantastic?  I think so!

Showered, dressed and presentable off we go.  While we were in church my older son looked up at me and blew me a kiss.  My heart skipped.  How did I get such wonderful children?  These perfect little beings.

After church, I had the chance to have breakfast and to throw on my gear and get out for a trail run with a girlfriend.  The trails were so beautiful.  The air chilly but once we got moving we were actually too warm.  Soon, we'll just fantasize about that sensation.  Everyone in the park was in excellent moods.  We got to pet dogs and even managed to get off the beaten path.  It turns out I know that park so much better than I would have given myself credit for.  We had a great time.  I love her company.

Now the Halloween preparations will be in full swing.  Some pumpkin carving, pumpkin seed roasting and some decorations.  A gorgeous dinner with a lovely bottle of red that I've been saving over the glow of some cheerful pumpkins.  I'm in such a good mood I think I'll make my men an apple pie!

I'm a lucky girl.  I know full well there are others in this world who do not have food, money or health.  They may not even have family to hold on to for comfort.  I am reminded today that I have all that I have wished for.  I am reminded today that there is more outside of myself.

Beautiful things happen on sunny days.  I'm looking forward to a nice new opportunities.  Who knows what's on the wind?

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