Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On The Bright Side...I'm Not Actually Dead

Though I just wish I were today.  It was just after 8 pm last night when I turned to my husband and said "Can I go to bed, now?"   I had been hoping to hold out on dying just long enough to help put the kids to bed but I just couldn't hold out any longer.  When my eyeballs started drying out consistently because of my zombie stare I knew I was just pushing my luck.

I don't think I heard much beyond my son tramping through my blackened room to use my bathroom to go pee before bed because his brother was using their bathroom. Not one to be deterred by a closed door.  He just marched in with his usual chirping and banter.  Flicked on the very bright light and commenced  using the toilet with the door wide open.  My last conscious image was that of my five year-old's back side.  I think that's when I passed out.

Upon waking today I find that both my kids are still coughing but when faced with the decision to stay home with "sick mom" or go frolic with friends.  Hard to believe they didn't want to stay home and rub my freezing cold feet, or make me toast.  How ungrateful can you get?

I do have to admit the quiet is delicious.  I am wrapped in a blanket and trudging through the house trying to make tea and figure out what I should do first.  Should I do my work while I still have a few brain cells to rub together for warmth?  Should I just take a hot bath and pass out again until it's time to pick the boys up?  Or should I continue to just sit and stare at the TV and let my eyeballs dry out again?   Decisions.  Decisions.  Now I understand how my poor neglected house plants feel.  Sitting in a draft, collecting dust and drying out.

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