Monday, October 10, 2011

I Love Thanksgiving!

I love thanksgiving so much that I'm always tempted to celebrate it twice.  There was a time when I worked exclusively with American customers and had the two days off in November.  Though sadly it meant working the Canadian holiday.  I was finished work early enough to enjoy the food, so really not such a bad trade.

This year I'm going "granola".  We'll still have the turkey but that's where the familiarity of the dinner ends.  I was inspired to try on something new.  Not often do I shrug off the traditions of my kitchen which I've created long ago.  We aren't expecting any guests this year and since the boys scarcely eat.  I thought it the right time to experiment.  Though now I feel at a loss.  This menu is so stream line that it should only take me 2 hours from start to finish.  That time is mostly consumed with the brining of the half turkey breast.  Beyond that...  what on Earth will I do with my time?

I think the reason why I love Thanksgiving so much is likely the reason that I have no outstanding memories of it as a kid.  It wasn't necessarily a holiday that meant more to us than a standard PD day.  We could play instead of going to school.  The stuff we did at school to prepare was always a lot of fun but as far as family togetherness goes.  It was a non holiday.  What I'm trying to say is that it's a blank slate.

All the traditions I have for this day are solely created within the confines of my little quartet.   From our Thanksgiving Tree which we will add to this year.  (branches with construction paper leaves on which we've written what we are thankful for each year, we write as many as we like and glue them to the tree.  Each year we just add more leaves).  The meal.  The pastimes.  Everything has been engineered by us, centred around us.  We are feathering our nest with the true happiness that comes from being a family.

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