Friday, October 7, 2011 much fun

I should be dashing about trying to clean up.  I really need too.  With the kids and I being sick pretty much all week the house looks horrible.  Toys and books everywhere.  Even some folded clothes camped out on one of the living room chairs.  No where can I find an empty laundry basket to move that pile of clothes upstairs and frankly I'm not about to take three trips to convey it upstairs.

I ought to be doing the dishes and load up the dryer to get the laundry moving along.  I ought to be putting the recycling out.  Instead, I sit here.  Writing.  I have no intentions on getting up until this blog is done.  Why?  Well let's see.

I am actually still sick.  I woke up late only to discover that I had not premade the boys school lunches as I usually do.  The time I would have had my usual morning coffee was spent scurrying around getting sandwiches, snacks and fruit into the proper lunch bags and into the appropriate back packs.  I have no idea if their home work was sorted properly.  I don't actually care right now.  Then when I carved out 5 mins to have that coffee I realized that the pot was empty.  NO COFFEE!!!  Never has there been a day in my whole married life when there hasn't been a pot of fresh coffee.  Quickly, I scrambled through the recipe cards in my head trying to account for any slight or neglect I may have shown my husband.  Why?  Oh why was there no coffee in the pot?  So stressful...So horrible.

With no time for me to make a pot of coffee I decide to just keep it moving.  I pushed the kids through the rest of the morning routine and got them to the first school.  It was fun watching L play with his friends.  Running around, enjoying the splendid morning.  The bell rings and the kids line up.  Out comes the teacher with a note.  How do I know that piece of paper is for me?  Hmmmm?  She apologizes for it not giving it to me sooner.  I know what that note says before I even look at it.  Sorry, the adage of no news being good news isn't going to pan out for you!

The note pretty much describes all the naughty behaviour L did on the last school day.  I promised myself I wouldn't read the note until after 4 pm.  When I had the chance to enjoy my kids without knowing the seedy-side of what they do when I'm not around.  I wasn't going to look at that note....but I did.  It was out of my control.  Bahhhh.  Perhaps it would be more entertaining if someone would just pee in my Cheerios?

My plan for getting the groceries early while the rest of the world was busy at work was a great idea.  So much so, everyone else decided to do it too.  The store was very busy.  I once again picked a cart with a malfunction that didn't become apparent until after the second aisle.  Still I promised myself that I'd stop for a vat of coffee after I got everything sorted out.    Feeling a little scrambled after not eating breakfast and not having a coffee I had just one last thing to do.  Pull up to get the wine.  I have a new best friend.  I swore my allegiance to the woman who was giving out the free samples.

So the day only being half over I'm declaring a work slow down.  Once I get my kidlets and take a mitt of Tylenol. I plan to just chuck it over and enjoy my afternoon with them.  The house is already a total wreck.  What could a couple of Lego towers hurt?

I wonder if they'd afford me a nap?

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