Friday, April 1, 2011

Grocery Store Antics

Wow grocery shopping on four hours of sleep is a lot of fun.  Well actually it wasn't horrible or anything just different.  My kids bantered back and forth with their silly time killing games which of course drove me a little nuts.  Every where I wheeled the cart they'd find someone else to try to entertain with their silliness.  Good thing the store wasn't terribly busy.

Then I handed over the list to one of them and made the other one my look out.  E would call out the item from the part of the list that corresponded to the section of the store we were in.  Then L would scan the stacks and see if he could point it out to me before I could put my hand on it.  A good way of chewing up some time and getting the items in the cart.  Then I spent about two minutes going on about how Savoy Cabbage was really a vegetable brain.  "oooh a brain....brainssss".  This tore them up with laughter.  Wait until I make it for dinner and we'll see who's laughing! 

By the half way point I had heard twice "oohh enjoy this age, it passes so fast!"  I must have looked harrassed or something.  Are they assuming that I'm not enjoying them at any age?  Why would strange women say that to me?  I mean do you feel compelled to say things like that to total strangers?  Any way, chalk it up to what people say to each other when they don't have anything else to say but feel they must say something, I suppose.

I wheeled us into the check-out line closest to the wine store and gazed at it lovingly as we waited for the person in front of us to buy what appeared to be all the bottled water that the store carried.  I actually said to the boys "look over there, did you notice how peaceful and serene the wine store looks.....gee I wonder why that is?"  It's likely a good thing they can't tell I'm being sarcastic and to get even for the times when they ignored my request to stop touching each other they'll get twice as much broccoli for dinner than they would have normally.

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