Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

It's finally here and it's been a perfect weekend.  Got out for my long run on Friday and did a pretty good job of it though that wind at the end was just insane.  Saturday the sun peeked out and it seemed to take everyone by surprise.  I tore it up on a 5K and earned enough wine to make my dinner completely delightful!  Got the grill fired up and took out my "Flintstone" cut of steak.  Total bliss.   While I was waiting for the perfect moment to slap that slab onto the grill I wandered around my yard checking to see what was returning.

I'm delighted that much of the perennials that because of location I assumed wouldn't make it through the winter, are waking up and either sending out shoots or budding.  I was even able to trim a palm full of fresh chives for my baked potato.  The only problem with all the gorgeous weather is that reminder that I need to get out there and clean up the debris from last year.  I'm in no rush as the real spring weather seems to be in no rush to show up either.

I was up ungodly early this morning after trying to watch "The Ten Commandments" (an Easter Tradition for me) and only getting to the Exodus when the timer shut the TV off at five minutes after midnight evicting me from the living room and effectively telling me to go to bed.  Around 6am I was roused by the sound of a little person opening his door and discovering his Easter basket.  Then hearing the rustle of the packaging as he tried to gnaw his way through to the chocolate Thomas the Tank Engine.  The following hunt only took five minutes.  We are getting less creative every year and they, after getting a few fist fulls of chocolate, lose interest.  Then it's a matter of picking up all the stray eggs to ensure the dogs don't get an Easter Treat.

I managed to get some breakfast into them before we headed out for church.  Of course church was filled with the usual C&E Catholics.  Parking was scarce and the kids were fairly well behaved.  The disturbing part was discovering that some asshat had taken the evening before as an opportunity to smash the churches flood lights and even try to damage a stained glass window.  Luckily, the church had the forethought to protect its precious windows with some security glass.  The priest accidentally left his mic on at the back of the church prior to the mass and was going on about something and all you could really make out is "'s seniors".   He explained that the window and lights had been vandalized and that he said it was the seniors.  It was the perfect ruse...who would suspect them!" hahah.  He is so droll!  He even managed to work in the bit about church being open on Sundays.

Another delightful day, another round of delightful but lighter meals.  Gone are the traditional heavy cream, bread laden meals.  Sorry family but no homemade brioche this year.  In fact, there will be a round of roasted beets (K's new favourite).  I'd go out for an after dinner run but E will need help with his homework and I should be there to make sure that he starts in on it but then I've got the opportunity to burn off some major calories by cleaning the kitchen of it's Easter traffic.

Tragic part is that I've got 12 hard boiled, heavily decorated eggs that need to be consumed.  I'm not sure anyone wants to have that much egg salad! Rather, who'd want to be around us after all that egg salad! hahah

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