Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm really wondering if Spring will ever really arrive.  Like a worried mother I peer out my window each morning at my emerging strawberry plants wondering if cold weather is damaging them.  Nervous for their tender leaves. 

I haven't put any of the winter gear away.  At first I justified it as saying that I needed it for skating lessons.  That arena being so very cold.  The kids needing the snow pants as padding.  With the temperatures swinging around I figured there would still be a storm front that would bring some snow.  Yesterday proved that.  On my way out of church to rush off to a running clinic, there it was.  A coating of wet heavy snow draped over everything. 

I had planned to just wear my windbreaker and crops to run in but after seeing that snow I opted for the winter jacket and hat.  Good call because on the return portion of the clinic's run yesterday the sky opened up and sent down snow, wind and frozen rain pellets.  It was coming down so hard we missed the turn in the park and it sent us more than a kilometer out of our way.  I have to admit that was just the insult to injury.  I don't think I've ever wanted the end of a run quite so badly before.

There is a threat of more snow to come this week.  Oddly, it feels like I'm back living in Winnipeg.  This is the kind of weather I would have normally expected there.  *shakes first at the sky* 

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