Thursday, March 31, 2011

On a Lighter Note

I've been blogging and thinking of some really deep shit lately so I was thinking that it's time to lighten up.  So this blog post is about how I'm lightening up, literally.

There are several factors that play against me.  1) I adore cooking/baking and have a lot of experience in doing so.  2) I love food and by the way it sticks to my thighs means it reciprocates.  3) I have been mostly lazy my entire life, so that means that I've gone from couch to Half Marathon.

I've grown tired of feeling blah about my appearance which I don't really try to keep up because of my general dissastifaction with it.  It would be nice to have a better self-image and more confidence.  I know that last statement might actually make some of you pause since it already seems that I'm very outgoing.  Imagine me back to my slim and bouncy self.  Wow, scary eh?

So with running 4-5 days a week, two serious workouts a week not including my long distance run.  Trimming off a whole wack of calories and lovely extras I'm finally starting to feel strong.  Misty, has noticed subtle changes in the way I look and because I avoid mirrors nearly at all cost I'll have to take her word for it.  No budge on the scale but it doesn't deter me.  I'm stronger and I know it.  That's a good start.   I'm am still not half as active as most of my friends but it's a good start.

When I first started working out with Misty and her groups I paused and sucked wind more than my fair share of times.  It used to be my goal to stop-stopping.  After a few weeks I could keep up so much better.  Now I find myself making the exercises harder.  Like dancing around while holding one legged planks.  Going deeper into my squats and really working all the other parts that hurt like hell the day after.  Then there is me just trying to keep up with Charmaine!  She's killer.

Today I put on an old pair of jeans.  I was able to do them up and I've been wearing them all day.  Of course, I still need to fine tune the overage (ha that's my new word for muffintop) but with a long sweater, all is good.  It just reminds me that I really don't need the pat of butter.  I really don't need to ask my husband to go out and buy me ice-cream just because I've had one hell of a day. I don't even feel it's necessary to indulge in a martini anymore for the same reasons as I avoid ice-cream.  No day is bad enough to warrant death by calories.

I'm pretty sure that I will not go back to taking a picture diary of my meals.  It was nice and it worked in so far as keeping my portions small to save face.  I'd rather spend the time that I'd waste documenting that stuff and maybe do some wall sits or beating my 3 min plank time. 

So if someone tells me to lighten up, I'll tell them "I am!"  Oh, and "PFO". *wink*

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