Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Sum

of all things stressful and unhealthy is the beginnings of a cold. After a fabulous run last night on what could have been the prettiest evening I've experienced since early September. I came home to warm up with a hot shower and a big cup of tea.

I dressed very well last night. A layer of next-to-skin and then crop pants and a running shirt. I took off my windbreaker after I warmed up. I felt good despite running on stress. Realized that I had been holding my tension in my shoulders for the whole run and had sore muscles in my neck and shoulders for the rest of the night. I could still feel an ache while I sat in bed and read until I was drowsie.

Before the run we all met up in the studio and were chatting about the havoc the leftover halloween treats were reaping. I have been on the biggest chocolate bender of my life. For the last two weeks I have been unable to stop myself. I also vowed to myself yesterday that I had to stop the spiral. Better to do it now before I packed on more weight.

After a very interrupted sleep (thanks L.) I woke up with resolution that today will be different. Indeed, it is. Today I have the beginning of what feels like a cold. Nose is a bit stuffy and I can feel the congestion in my air ways (likely due to post nasal drip and not airway involvement). Still instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided I was just going to go ahead with what I planned but do one better. My comfort food today is a big bowl of home made chicken noodle soup with kale. I'm poaching the chicken breasts now. The house smells wonderful.

Due to feeling off my game our lesson plan got truncated today. We mostly just concentrated on math. We'll sit later and do some reading together to make up for the shortened lessons. I just didn't want to allow my short attention span to effect him. He is doing so well now that he is being intellectually engaged.

Tonight we go and find out what the results of E.s testing are. The direction in which we should take with schooling and raising him. We are hoping to get a much clearer insight into who this little guy is.

He is looking forward to having the babysitter here. He turns into this huge smooth cat whenever she comes over. Last week when she was here he turned to her before we left and said. "You have really beautiful hair." Then just let it alone and turned his attention back to his game. Husband was in awe at his prowess. Talk about smooth.

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