Sunday, November 15, 2009


Time got away from me again this week. It started out by being a regular very busy week filled with lots of activities for the boys, a few appointments, a play date or two. Add in a sick husband then me not feeling 100% shortly after. More activities this week has worn me out. The weekend hasn't been any snooze fest either.

Despite being a bit sleep deprived from a few drinks and a late date night, I headed out for a 10k run this morning. I had planned on a long run at some point today (while it was light out) but had no idea the morning would be as beautiful as it was. Once I had finished my coffee and a quick breakfast, on went the shoes.

I was gone for about an hour and 15 mins. Covering distance from my place in North Whitby all the way down to Burns Street (401) and back. I got utterly caught up in my podcast about how doctors mistreat people with mental health issues and then the debate on the benefits of Nurse Practitioners taking the load off of the medical system by running experimental clinics. Before I knew it I was home. A fabulous run!

I've also been spending every spare moment knitting away at my scarf. Its the first time I've ever made one for myself. I picked up the wool in September and didn't realize the size of the project then. During our date last night we went from one store to the next looking for more skeins. I managed to get the last four in the last store we looked in. I still likely need another two. Why are my projects always so big and expensive?

Well back to my knitting now that the boys are in bed. Husband needs to load a new anti-virus program on my laptop to keep it safe and sound. I need to chill out in the peace and quiet. Another busy week awaits...

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