Monday, January 16, 2012

The Power of Getting Organized

It seems January has been paying off in cold weather and organization.  Perhaps being kept in on these frigid days is what is prompting the new spurt of getting it "together".  A few days ago I sat down and mapped out the menus for the whole month.  So far we've been on track and pleased with the results.  The move toward 100% homemade foods has been a happy transition.  Ok so I don't make my own pasta unless its gnocchi but I do make all my own breads and will be going back to making my own kefir and yogurts again.   The idea is to minimize the unnecessary add-ins.  You know, that special laboratory creation that is now what stores like to call bread or cheese spread.

There was push-back from the kids but after a week of "lump it or leave it", I am no longer creating two separate meals.  Except for when I make pizza where I will make them just a four cheese pie rather than a special adult creation with onions and olives.  It's a nice relief for me to be able to get a meal on the table without that feeling of juggling spinning plates.  It's too much like my days in a commercial kitchen during dinner rush.  I gave up the paycheck some many years revisiting the stress each night seemed so ridiculous.

My husband has even joined in and has cleaned out our walk-in closet.  Now we can really walk in!  It's amazing how wonderful the carpet looks in there.  It's pristine, what with the fact that it hasn't been walked on in 4 years!  Seriously, K did a fabulous job.  I've got clothes hanging up that I only vaguely remember.

It doesn't end there.  I've even got my work schedule mapped out pretty well.  I was feeling incredibly burned out before Christmas.  It wasn't the amount of work that caused it.  It wasn't the work at all.  It was the fact that I was fighting to keep all these spinning plates in the air that I just didn't feel like I ever had time for myself.  Then when it was time to get something done, I'd just totally dreaded it.  Even things that I liked!

I like this new map-it-out plan.  It's been a slice of heaven this month even in the light that I've added in so many more tasks.  Baking, cooking all these meals, working on old projects to clear them out.  Fitting in the occasional run with a friend just to chat.  Heck, once I'm done this post I'm going off to soak in the tub with wine.  WOW!

You're likely wondering why I'm using up my time here...good point.  Chow!

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