Saturday, January 7, 2012

On This Day in January

We got winter weather shortly after Christmas but sadly it didn't last.  We got that wintery blast that always reminds me of home (WPG) but it was a twelve hour affair, not that I mind that moving off to some place better suited.

Running at dawn down a country road in Durham Region I had many opportunities to take in the landscape.  This time last year I was out in snowshoes embarking on a new winter sport.  This year I'm wearing my fall run gear and enjoying 16K while looking at the mist hanging thickly over the stubble in the farmer's fields.  I am enjoying this warm spell.  I know full well it may not last.  I know that spring is not around the corner thought this time of year I usually get cabin fever and start planning my gardens.

I felt so peaceful this morning that I was quiet and ran by myself for much of the run.  Just taking in the moment.  Wishing there were a way of capturing it without spoiling it.  I was happy to be out running after taking an unexpected holiday from it.  I was even happier that the weather was mild.  In due time, I'll be out in my snowshoes.  Today was a state of suspended animation.  I was caught between two seasons.  Serendipity.

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