Monday, May 28, 2012

A Love Story!

I've been meaning to drop a line to the cosmic void for some time now but with life dragging me off in every direction, very little energy gets spent in creative pursuits.  Then today, after an entire day of having but a few moments to myself and after another squabble with my youngest boy I realized something.  My life with L is like a cute movie plot.

How so you ask?  Well what's the basic premise to most romantic comedies?  Boy meets girl.  Boy loses girl.  Boy gets girl back.  It turns out that this exactly what happens on a daily basis between me and L.  We start the day all dreamy and cuddly.  I go into his room and open the drapes and then go tickle his toes and nibble on a cheek.  Then as the day wears on and we brush against each other too often, patience wears on either side and...Bam!  Hot tempers.  "I hate you" and a "I don't love you", stomp, stomp, stomp.

After a while of cooling off and collecting our senses he usually comes sneaking back up on me with apologies or a nice request and lots of compliments.  Wooing me back into being completely smitten with him.  He's lucky his 5 year-old charm works on my no-nonsense mommy heart.  In a few minutes, I'm as much in love with him as I ever was and the day ends on an incandescent note.  Cuddles, stories and sleepy compliments.  I go to bed missing him.

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