Sunday, April 1, 2012

I believe changes can happen

I have only a few more days in my Lenten Journey for this year.  What I have discovered so far is that nothing I gave up, that has been  in practice for years, was easy-peasy to do so.  I had found myself stymied a few times by links that I could not click.  Then it was things I could not google.  The pings of my Blackberry and the conversation notifications I couldn't entertain.  I know that along the way I lapsed but instead of calling it a day, I started over.  I considered it a process.  One that taught me a few things.  I might reveal those a little later but not just yet.

It's no secret that I'm pretty anti-technology.  I still remember, all too well, the "2003 Blackout"  Suddenly, my world, the center of the Canadian universe (Toronto) was stopped cold in its normally hectic tracks.  The power went out and so did all the technology.  A person couldn't even cross the street without scrambling to get out of the way of errant traffic.  Wow!  Talk about an eye opener.  Sure it only lasted for a few days but having to reinvent an urban life without aid of any modern convenience was enough for me to vow to never get caught unprepared.

Earth Hour happened tonight.  I'm still a little skeptical about its purpose but my children are at that fantastic age where they believe changes can really be made.  It's infectious and couldn't resist coming up with a fun way to celebrate it.  A huge bowl of popcorn and board games by candle light.  Though I've been struck down with another school house cootie and couldn't sit at the table to play with the guys.  I enjoyed them and an article on the Obama's Health Care reforms, the erosion of religious freedoms and the undermining of the constitution of the United States.   The article had a lot of legal-ease and required me to re-read some paragraphs.  Squinting in the dim light and watching the silhouettes of my boys. A pause in the play brought on a round of shadow puppets.  Giggles and silly jokes.  I loved it!

In the last few minutes before technically we were allowed to turn the lights and gizmos back on we snuggled on the couch and chatted.  Talked about what we liked best about the last hour.  What we thought it meant.  What we'd like to do next time.  We liked our time in the dark so much that the rest of the bedtime routine was done by candle light.  A definite success.

Now the rest of my night is spent in a quiet peace.  Matching the kids socks and sipping tea.  Sometimes the best things in life are just right under a person's nose.  Sometimes you have to give up the things that tie you down so that you can soar.

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