Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where the Heart is...

There are parts of the Christmas Season that even this newly reborn Christmas lover still strongly dislikes.  Grocery shopping #1 and its horrid companion, the parking lot!!!  Today was the day, though not the actual Christmas grocery shopping trip but more of a preliminary.  We headed out as a family to get the job done because there are just some decisions that need to be made as a family and I find that the meals I make get eaten better by the kids if they help to gather the ingredients.

Husband usually takes the kids off on the "odd" job to get soap or toilet paper then comes back with them in tow to put the item in the cart and then get the next assignment.  This keeps them active and well behaved and gives me the chance to get the other things on the list and to prowl the aisles to see what I've forgotten to put on the list.

Today he treated the kids to a few minutes in the toy aisle, as a reward for the hard work helping to get all the assigned items.  Now, a few of you know that my husband lost his beloved father last December before Christmas.  He's been very sad this whole year but as we come closer to the anniversary of the sad occasion he has been a little less patient and a lot more solemn.  Trust that we understand and have been allowing him to set his pace and mood for the season.  In truth, his muted mood has been well disguised by my insane Christmasy mood this year.

It was there, in that toy aisle that my husband found his Christmas Spirit.  He said that he was just standing there watching the kids point out to each other one cool toy after another.  They were going nuts he said.  Then our youngest held up a Star Wars mask by the box and held it over his face while he played with a light saber that made the noise as he waved it about madly.  I wasn't there but I could well imagine his expression as he watched his child "make due" with the unpurchased toys.  I'm so happy we all went together.  We managed to find something that wasn't on my list.

He's actually gone back to that store to purchase those things because he wants to remember that moment.  The moment when his heart put aside the pain to find a moment that would have made his own father laugh heartily.

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