Thursday, December 1, 2011

*Arghhh* Harshing my Christmas Mellow!

I've got Christmas fever of that there is no denying it.  I hum Christmas tunes all the time and when I think I'm alone I bust out at full capacity some of my very favourites.  Sorry neighbours and fellow drivers!  Cheerful while I shop.  Opening doors for people who cut in front of me in their haste.  Yep, they can't get to me.  Even the school parking lot isn't putting a dent or scratch in my smile, though it still causes grey hair.

Yesterday it was snowing and I was on a mission to try and start the kids "list".  I spent about 5 minutes just sitting in the car watching the snowflakes hit the windows and melt away.  Marveled at how fast the world got a pristine coating of white.  Suddenly, the world was full of cheerful promise.  I just kept imagining how great it would be if we got enough snow for the kids and I to play in.  I took a little trip down memory lane to all the times that I played for hours in the cold.  Not returning back indoors until every inch of fabric on my body was soaked with melted snow.  The smell of wet mittens on the furnace vents.  Remembering the milk bags I used to use as boot liners because boots were never really water resistant.  Have they improved that yet?

I was tidying up some of the boxes left from the Christmas tree decorations and poking about in the basement when I found another box of decorations.  I brought them upstairs all excited until I took out my Christmas Frog and realized that I don't have a single place to put him.   See, my house is cluttered.  I have to confess that I'm not very good at organizing my stuff.  So where ever I tried to put Christmas Froggy I had to shift a stack of books and papers.  To put Father Christmas out I had to move my husband's netbook and the remotes.  I'm still not sure where I'll put the rest of that stuff.

The clutter in my house harshes my mellow on the best of occasions.  Christmas only highlights how much of a problem it is.  In 24 days there will be more stuff coming in and fewer and fewer places to tuck it.  So for the next 23 days I'm going to pitch out a box of stuff each day.  Who knows it may be the best gift I give myself this year.  Good thing is that I can still sing my Christmas tunes while I do that work.

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