Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today it Snowed

Fall has been dragging out as long as she can.  She has blessed us with far more above seasonal days than we normally get.  We actually saw an Indian Summer which melted into weeks of steely grey skies with wistful breezes to blow the leaves about.  We've been fortunate.

Still it doesn't stop the kid in me from watching the sky.  Wondering when those first snowflakes will appear.  All day my friends just North of where I live have been reporting snow sightings.  Each time I got the update through Facebook (while I was diligently working) I'd dart to the window and look out to see the spectacle just to find that Whitby was being blessed with more sunshine.

The big black clouds have loomed in the distance all day.  Now with the kids home the speed of the household has kept me too busy to think about much more than just trying to stay ahead of the night time tide.  Cooking, cleaning and entertaining excited children.  Finally, a break.  The kids upstairs playing.  I snag some quiet.  A hot cup of tea in hand and a pen poised to create a shopping list, I hear an ecstatic cry.  "SNOW!  Mommy it's snowing!"  The rumble of little feet scrambling from upstairs to the main floor.  More shrieking.

Assembled in front of the window with our finger tips pressed against the cold glass.  A true snowfall.  It was coming down heavy and being driven by a stiff wind.  Snow.  Finally.

I am lit up inside.  Here's to new beginnings.

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