Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blue Skies, Heat Alerts and Staycations

I have to admit I didn't count on it ever getting very hot let alone into heat alerts.  Not even sure when the last time I actually felt it rain.  Sort'a wish it would though.  My herb garden has fallen prey to both the arid temps and my seasonal laziness.  I haven't felt like dragging out the sprinkler each day to put down the required water.  The grass is dry and crunchy underfoot.   I'm not too worried though, the grass will recover and the herb garden can be replanted when I feel a little less lazy.

Of course I say this after I spent a few hours floating around on my pink flowered blow-up lounger.  The kids graciously heeded the pool to me while they warmed up and ate their lunch on the deck.  I leapt at the opportunity to enjoy the pool sans splashing and giant whales.  I'm now a little too pink but can still say it's a great way to waste a morning.

What a great way to while away the summer days.  Beach trips, camping and amusement parks.  Some lazy days just doing the staycation thing.  Never venturing much further than Tim's for morning coffees and the store for more ice or beer and returning promptly to the deck chairs or pool.

My friends and I have taken most of our runs off road and we are taking the tours of Durham Forest each weekend.  It's a brilliant way to keep up the mileage when the thought of another road run is comparable to getting teeth drilled at the dentist.  My only regret was that I had not purchased a can of Deep Woods Off, earlier.  I can safely say that I've been some happy bug's lunch.

The kids are affording me my usual workout routines.  What can I say?  They are champs.  They are pretty portable and happy just about anywhere.  I'm enjoying them more and more as they get older.  I write this as I watch them ride these huge blow-up whales.  L believes that he's Luke Skywalker with an empty bubble stick for a light saber in one hand fighting for justice and for good.  E believes his whale is real and wants to feed him.  I love their imaginations.  It reminds me of how great childhood can be, especially when the biggest drama they experience is the fight over what flick to watch on movie nights.

I love summer, though I don't like the intense heat I've certainly found ways around jacking up the a/c or sitting on an ice block to enjoying my holidays.  The only thing left to do is level the pool properly and get the chemical mix just right so that I can stop fretting over the chemistry.  I can certainly say I've learned things this summer.  Pool chemistry is one.  How to be deliciously lazy is another, as I write this blog pool-side.

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