Friday, February 18, 2011


This blog is dedicated to...what else?  Confessions.

1.) The sharpest scissors in my kitchen belong to my kids and I use them for everything!

2.) If I were given a choice between chocolate cake and french fries, I'd pick the french fries!  Especially, if I could use them as the spoon for a McDonald's sundae.

3.) I generally hate people and I don't really discriminate on which people.  Oh wait, that's not entirely true.  I really hate stupid people!  Everyone else I merely tolerate.

4.)  I dropped (by accident, clearly) one of my kids when they were a baby.  I'm not telling you which one.  I'll let you try to figure that one out. *giggle*

5.)  I often wonder why I'm not an alcoholic or locked up in a loony bin.

6.)  I have cleaned my oven on Earth Day while running my dishwasher during that magic hour when we are supposed to be sitting in the dark singing Kumbaya.  I'm no sheep! 

7.)  I used to chain smoke.  Yeah, that was stupid.  Now I feel the unnerving urge to slew foot anyone I see smoking.

8.)  Have a unfinished knitting project dating back from 2004.  It will likely never be finished even though I see it every morning when I wake up.

9.)  I can raise nearly a winter's worth of organic fruit, veg and herbs in my backyard but cannot keep a simple house plant alive for longer than a few months.  Even the drought-resistant ones!

10.)  There is a spider web in the corner of a window in my upstairs hallway that's been there since I moved into my house....5 years ago!

11.)  Suspects that I am the only one in the house that recycles and changes the toilet paper rolls.

12.)  Hates people who park next to me in school parking lots.  They vary every day and with every pick up/drop-off so I don't discriminate.  If you've parked next to me....I hate your guts.  Not everyone drives a sardine can and I don't appreciate needing a can opener to get my GD door open! 

And lastly...

13.)  Doesn't much matter if you've read this blog or if you actually knew any of these random facts about me.  However, that said.  If I made you chuckle then that pleases me.

OK, nothing else to see here.  Move a long.

***edited to add this note:  I should have written a paragraph stating that I was writing this blog while in a snarky mood.  It's true that I have tendencies toward crumudgeoness but it's usually tempered with a wicked sense of humour.  Now that I read this blog again it occurs to me that only people who really know me would recognize that it's written in that spirit.  ***

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