Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Half

Me, trying to steal a ride to the van after the race
Not so much with the posting lately, I know.  Sorry about that.  It's not for a lack of things to post about but rather too distracted.  There has been so much to do in May.  Training, and cross-training.  Working and gardening.  Keeping up with the kids and having my husband start at a new company.

Not all the goings-on have been so positive but then...that's life.  No one is exempt from the pettiness of others.  No one can say they haven't come up against an unmovable object.  I've decided to walk around mine and just leave it where it stands.  It doesn't define me and it sure as hell isn't going to weigh me down!

The positives far out weigh the negatives so I can truly say I'm blessed in this life I have built.  Now I'm on to setting new goals.  Though while I was running that half today I was seriously rethinking my lofty goals that I started day dreaming about while being marred in the boredom of the long training schedule to get me to the half.   It is also true that I actually hate racing.  Though I'm prolific enough in my bib collection.  I just don't view the race the same way other runners do.  It for me, at this point, is just something that needs to be endured so that I can go on to the next big thing.  I guess I'm a bit of an old crow that way....always looking for the next shiny object.

Got mine today.  I wasn't thrilled with my time at the race but it was a accumulation of too many things going against me.  I came in at about the same time I'd have come in from a training run.  That in itself wouldn't have been shabby had I felt as good as a training run.  It was hot, humid (I certainly didn't train in that!).  The course much hillier, slippery and swamped than I had anticipated.  I believe they changed part of it at the last minute because the creek had washed out the path.  Then there was my back injury and allergies.  Hopped up on antihistamines and pain killers it was an interesting way to run.  Dizzy to the last minute.  Whoa, so lucky I didn't get pulled off the course.  Though I have to admit I fantasized about getting a ride *snort*

I had the best cheering section though...Ken and the boys toughed out the whole race waiting for me.  That's a long time for them to be in a place with no playground equipment.  My husband is such a trooper though.  I'm sad that I didn't get to see them as I came into the finish.  Though I wouldn't have noticed if Jesus, himself was standing under the clock!  Sheree and Misty were there to see us race.  Then there was Charm and the other girls from the BRC.   My crazy Sisterhood of the Travelling Racers!
Charmaine and I after the race

Charm, what can I say...she wasn't able to train as much as she'd have liked but pulled a solid race out of the hat anyway.  Talk about determination.  She's got it in spades.  We had a great time in the first 9k, OK talking just a little more than was suggested *giggle*  

Oddly, both Charm and I found ourselves searching out the next big thing this evening.  Both nursing our individual aches but anxious to get back out there and do it again.  I'm looking forward to doing more races with this lady.  Though it seems this sport sure does bring out the crazy in a runner!   Who else would beat themselves up for 2+ hours and look forward to doing it all over again.

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